David and Dawn Golobay

David and Dawn Golobay

2020 Community Heroes - The Happy Valley News

Hometown: Happy Valley

Why they're Community Heroes: These business owners donated back large percentages of profits and time to the city and schools.



“Selfless service to our community is what we do. It is what we are about, and we have never wavered from that.” 

That’s a motto for David and Dawn Golobay as they give back to their community. John Barhoum’s family, who nominated the Golobays for a Community Hero recognition, has deep roots in the Happy Valley community, going back several generations. 

“We have watched for years as the Golobays tirelessly worked to improve our city,” Barhoum said. “They’re leaders who dedicate their lives to the service of others — the mark of true heroes. I have come to rely on the Golobay family to support the various charitable and volunteer efforts I’m involved in, including Hoops for Hope, the 3 Point Club and Oregon Trail PTO. They never hesitate to help improve the lives of our community’s youth. I’m proud to call them friends.” 

The Golobays said they were “humbled beyond belief” to receive this nomination. “We love our community, and all we care to do is serve it,” David said. However modest David and Dawn are, Barhoum provided a list of all of their recent activities on behalf of the community: 

  • Sponsor of Concerts in the Park 
  • Sponsor of City of Happy Valley 
  • Sponsor of Clackamas Athlete of the Week 
  • $3,000 scholarship every year 
  • Title sponsor of Clackamas Emergency Services Foundation 
  • Sponsor of multiple Clackamas High School sports and performing-arts groups 
  • Junior Achievement instructor 
  • Youth sports coach 
  • PTO volunteer 
  • Happy Valley Fun Run coordinator 
  • Past president, Happy Valley Business Alliance 
  • Past chair, North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce 
  • Chair, 2019 Police Levy Committee 
  • Feed the homeless with Clackamas Rotary 
  • Past vice-chair, Happy Valley Traffic and Public Safety Committee

Dawn and David find the Happy Valley Fun Run to be their most rewarding annual volunteer activity, “because it is such a great community event that always takes a ton of work,” David said. “We ran this event for six years and took it to new levels of growth in participants and growth in sponsorships, all for the good of our local schools. This ties back into something I learned from my dad, education is critically important and we should look for every way to give back to the schools. This is also the reason we donate so much money to sports because it is proven youth who are in sports do better in school. It is also the reason we donate $3,000 for a scholarship every year.” 

As for why they decided to give back, David said public service was instilled by a civic-oriented father who was highly involved in his community of Rockwood/Gresham. He served on the Centennial School Board for 16 years and many more committees at the regional and state level. 

“He taught me to choose the community you want to raise your family in and then make it the best place to live for not only yourself but all those who reside there,” David said. “I have lived this my entire life, and Dawn, who is a true servant, has fully embraced it.” 

Dawn makes food for Happy Vally staff, the city’s police contracted through the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and Clackamas Fire District personnel. She was in charge of the Happy Valley Fun Run and made it into a strong fundraising event. She was the treasurer of the Happy Valley PTO and volunteered at every event. 

The Golobays’ business supports a majority of Happy Valley PTOs and sports programs. “We are proud to give large percentages of our profits back to the community,” David said. “We do this because we love our community, and our sole purpose is to make it an even better place to live where all people can thrive and feel welcome.”